"I am Here" and "Delicious Times" by Eric Whitacre
6 Oct 2020
“I am Here” and “Delicious Times” by Eric Whitacre, from his profound work entitled “The Sacred Veil”. "I am Here" is a piece for cello and piano which had not been planned to be part of this concert, but after the rehearsal with Eric Whitacre, he asked me to play it, since it leads naturally into "Delicious Times". The request came the day before the concert, so we prepared it quickly, which was a labor of love, as was the entire concert. The performance took place in Portland, Oregon on March 3, 2020, the last public concert this year for the musicians as well as the 2,400 people in the audience. The concert was a celebration of the works of Eric Whitacre and featured him as conductor in several pieces. My thanks to Eric Whitacre for his poignant and evocative writing and to Ethan Sperry for inviting me to participate in this very special event.
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